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Caring For Your Brass Instrument

Make sure you use the right cleaning and maintenance products for your instrument. You can get most things here.

Every usage

  • Check that the valves still have a sufficient amount of oil on them

  • For trombones, ensure that the slide is well lubricated

  • Wipe the instrument down after play with a proper cloth

Every two weeks

  • Take the valve out of it’s casing

  • Wash this down with warm soapy water. Make sure any residue is removed

  • Give the internal casing a wipe down with a damp cloth and a cleaning brush. Make sure both the valve and the casing are dry

  • Put a few drops of valve oil on the bottom section of the valve, spinning this to make sure the whole surface has a thin layer of oil

  • Replace the valve and repeat with the others (one valve at a time to avoid any confusion)

  • For trombones, wash the slide with warm soapy water. Dry it throughly and reapply your slide oil/cream.

  • Give the mouthpiece a wash with warm soapy water using a cleaning brush

Every few months

  • The instrument will need bathing to clean the inside.

  • Fill your bath with warm water and washing liquid (not a great deal needed) so the instrument is partially submerged

  • Take the valves, mouthpiece, valve caps and tuning slides off the instrument and leave them to soak in the bath for about 20 minutes

  • Take a cleaning brush and clean the valve casing, valves and mouthpiece thoroughly.

  • Rinse the instrument thoroughly, making sure that there are no suds left

  • Dry as much as you can. Leave the inside to dry naturally

  • Once dry, oil up the valves (as above), grease the slides and put the instrument back together.

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